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Healing Safe and Sound Health's 3 steps to faster healing

3 Steps to faster healing

Basic first aid is easy to grasp, and everyone should have a few skills under their belt. One of the things that yo...

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Healing All About Plasters: Choosing the Right One

All about plasters: choosing the right one

We have all used plasters during our lives. They cover scrapes and cuts, helping to stem bleeding and offer some protection to wounds to prevent infection....

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Healing Man uses a Safe and Sound Health blister plaster to treat a blister on the heel of the foot

How to prevent and treat blisters

Blisters aren’t exactly pleasant, and they can be pretty painful. When you get a blister on your foot, it can mak...

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Did you know?

Sneezes can travel up to 100 miles an hour. Catch it and bin it!

Well-being You shouldn't use cotton buds to remove earwax, find out how to remove earwax safely

How to safely remove earwax without using cotton buds

When imagining someone cleaning their ears, most people would naturally think of using a cotton bud to clear out an...

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Family Young girl brushing teeth with Safe+Sound Health's toothbrush with timer for children

Oral hygiene for Kids: Starting a routine early

Even though our second set of teeth comes in later in childhood, milk teeth are still important to care for. Not only do you want to prevent cavities and o...

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Healing Women suffering from neck pain

What Is Pain and Why Do We Feel It?

Being in pain isn’t pleasant, but we often find ourselves feeling pain for a variety of reasons. You can feel pai...

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Did you know?

Walking outside reduces negative thoughts and boosts self-esteem

Healing Safe and Sound Health's first aid burns range

First aid advice for burns and scalds

There are lots of ways you can accidentally burn or scald yourself, from taking something out of the oven to spilli...

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Healing Women using Safe and Sound Health hot/cold therapy pack

Heat it up or cool it down: When to use hot/cold therapy

You have probably used hot or cold therapy at some point to treat an injury or relieve pain. Whether you have used an ice pack to soothe a twisted ankle or...

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Healing Mother putting a Safe and Sound Health plaster on a child's injured knee

What are scabs and why are they important?

Scabs aren’t exactly something you want to have. They don’t look very nice, and they can itch as they heal. It ...

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Stop shaving cuts instantly with this cool trick

It always seems like the small cuts bleed the most. Whether you get a papercut or nick yourself while shaving, it can often produce a lot more blood than y...

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Healing How to Treat Finger Injuries at Home

How to treat finger injuries at home

Your fingers are important appendages. You use them for everything from picking things up to showing affection to t...

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Well-being Walk Yourself Healthy - The Best Places in the UK for a Brisk Walk

Walk yourself healthy: The best places in the UK for a brisk walk

Walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy, and it’s something that many of us do every day as part of our normal lives. It’s recommended that you...

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Did you know?

There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world

Daily Living Safe and Sound Health twice-daily weekly pillbox in bedroom helps you keep on-top of your medication

4 simple tips for remembering to take your medication

One of the most common reasons for people not taking their medication or daily vitamins is because they simply forget. It might sound like an easy thing to...

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Family Parent using a Safe and Sound Health nit comb to remove headlice from daughters hair

How to effectively use a nit comb to remove head lice

Head lice are pretty much an inevitability for children at school. Any child can pick up head lice, especially if t...

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What size interdental brush to use

Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is important, but what else do you do to take care of your teeth? A standard toothbrush, whether electric or manual...

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Did you know?

Exercise increases energy level, even when you’re tired

Healing Young girl swimming in sea

Why you need to cover wounds when swimming

Summer is the best time for swimming, whether you go to your local pool, take a trip to the beach or even enjoy some wild swimming. Whether you’re swimmi...

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Dental Man cleaning his tongue

Tongue cleaning. Why you should be doing it

Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth, but it’s easy to neglect other parts of oral hygiene. Keeping...

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Well-being Different types of thermometer and how they measure a fever

Thermometer types & how they measure a fever

Fevers are most common in young children and babies. If you suspect your child has a high temperature, they will be warm to touch, flushed and sweating or ...

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Did you know?

Plaque begins to form 6 hours after brushing

Healing Get Back on Your Feet Quickly After a Sprained Ankle

Get back on your feet quickly after a sprained ankle

When you sprain your ankle, it can quite literally knock you off your feet. A bruised, swollen or tender ankle often prevents you from going about your day...

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Well-being Women checks daughter hair for headlice

Natural remedies for head lice that all parents can try

Head lice: every parent’s nightmare. It’s a problem that most parents have to deal with at some point, usually ...

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Well-being Women suffering from knee arthritis pain

Don’t let arthritis stop you living life to the full

As you start to feel the aches and pains of getting older, you don’t want it to curb your enthusiasm for life. You can experience a whole range of little...

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Did you know?

According to the World Health Organisation, hand-washing could save more lives worldwide than any vaccine