Manager your medication with different types of pillboxes

Manage your medication with different types of pillbox

Have you ever forgotten to take your medication, or been unsure of whether you have already taken it? It’s pretty common to miss a dose or get in a muddle over medications, especially if you have several of them to take each day. But if you manage to forget them or mix them up, you won’t be receiving the benefits that your medications should deliver. In the worse cases, it could be dangerous to miss your medication or get confused about whether you have taken it already.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you keep your medications organised, there are multiple types of pill box that offer a fantastic solution. Using a pill box, you can organise your pills by day and week, and how many times you need to take them. There are also several special pill box types, such as boxes designed for people with limited dexterity and braille boxes for the visually impaired.

Let’s take a look at some of the pill boxes we have available to make it easier for you to manage your medication.


Safe and Sound Health's weekly pillbox can help you remember and organise your weekly medications


Weekly Pill Organisers

The simplest type of pill box is a weekly or daily pill organiser, with seven compartments or sections. With one section for each day of the week, they’re best for anyone who has to take medication once a day. Whether you have just one pill or multiple medications, you can split them between the compartments and take them when you need to.

Within this category of pill organisers, you can find a few different features. There are useful options like separate boxes that you can remove from the organiser, so you can carry them around. This means if you’re going away or you’re going to be out when it’s time to take your medication, you can take what you need without having a whole week’s worth of medication with you. You can find that some organisers use colour coding or print the days of the week on each section to make it easier to know what’s what.

If you want to be even more organised, monthly pill organisers are available too. This type of once-daily pillbox will give you 31 sections so you can plan ahead for a whole month. However, they can be a little too large, and many people find that they’re not necessary.


Safe and Sound Health's multiple dose pillboxes help you remember and organise medications that need to be taken multiple time a day


Multiple-dose Boxes

Are you juggling medications that need to be taken more than once per day? Keeping everything in one daily compartment might not be helpful. Fortunately, you can also choose pill boxes that allow you to organise multiple doses.

You can choose a twice-a-day pill box, a three-times daily pill box or even a four-times daily pill box. A pill box with two daily compartments will often have one labelled AM or morning, and the other labelled PM or afternoon/evening. Three-times daily pill boxes can be organised by meal, making them perfect for anyone who has to take their medication with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Four-dose pill boxes might be labelled for morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

If you want a pill box with multiple doses, most of them will be weekly pill boxes. If you want to organise a whole month’s worth of medication, multiple weekly boxes can work to help you stay organised.


Special features, such as push-open pillboxes make managing and taking you medication easier


Special Pill Box Features

For anyone who has other needs, there are some excellent features that might be useful. People who have limited dexterity might want to consider a pill box for arthritis. These are designed with push-button openings, which makes it easy to access their contents. An easy-open pill box is much less fiddly, so you can quickly open it.

Visually impaired people can benefit from specialist pill boxes too. An organiser with large text or braille makes the ideal pill box for visually impaired people, making it easier to know whether you have the right section of the organiser.

You can also find pill organisers that are designed for larger tablets. Many organisers are compact, which is useful if you don’t want them to take up too much space. However, if you have larger pills, especially if you have several of them, there might not be enough space in smaller organisers.

Many pill boxes have removable sections that you can move around and organise how you like. Some also come with bags or cases for travelling or putting them safely away. Other accessories that you might find useful include pill cutters, pill poppers and pill reminders. When you organise your medications using pill boxes, you can ensure your medication is effective and stay safe by avoiding missed doses or double doses.

Safe and Sound Health has a full and comprehensive range of pillboxes and pill organisers that manage and organise medications and prescriptions


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