Natural cold and flu remedies to help alleviate nasal congestion

Feeling stuffed up? Try these 4 natural congestion remedies

Feeling all stuffed up isn’t pleasant. It can make it difficult to breathe, give you headaches, make you cough and sniffle, and even cause sleepless nights. It can be hard to deal with congestion, whether it’s caused by a cold, hay fever, allergies or even something else. Although there are treatments for these things, we don’t have cures, so you can’t just magically make it go away. Many people also don’t want to take medication all the time and would much rather have a more natural way of dealing with blocked noses and sinus congestion.

Fortunately, there are lots of natural things that you can do to clear your sinuses.


Natural remedies and medicine for relieving congestion and symptoms of seasonal cold and flu


1. Staying Hydrated

Having plenty to drink is one of the most important home remedies for nasal congestion. Staying hydrated helps to thin out the mucus, which makes it drain easier. Try to drink lots of water when you’re feeling stuffed up. Having a reusable bottle that you can fill up with a drink of your choice is a good way to stay hydrated at work or at home – plus, it’s environmentally friendly. Lots of water will help to flush out your sinuses and relieve pressure and inflammation.

You can also try using water to flush out your sinuses. You can use a saline solution, made from distilled or boiled and cooled water, along with a special device designed to flush the nasal passages. This might not work for everyone, especially if you’re very congested, but it can help.

It’s also helpful to have warm drinks and try having soup for some of your meals too. As well as being comforting when you’re not feeling too great, the warmth can help to open up your sinuses so that you don’t feel so stuffed up. Another way to use heat is to have a warm compress or heat pack.


2. Steaming

Steam can also be excellent for providing both heat and hydration, and is one of several great home remedies for blocked noses. For many people, the simplest way to enjoy the benefit of steam is to hop into the show. A steamy shower can help to get things moving and provide nasal congestion relief so that you can breathe a little easier. If you don’t feel like a shower, filling a large bowl or tub with hot water is another option. You can hold your face over the steam and cover your head with a towel to get the full effect. Just be careful when using hot water that you don’t accidentally burn yourself.

In addition to steam, you can find that a humidifier can be helpful. It adds more moisture to the air, which helps to thin out mucus. It might also provide a cool mist that helps with inflammation in your sinuses. If you use a humidifier, make sure that you keep it clean to prevent bacteria getting into it.


Getting plenty of rest and drinking fluid can help relieve congestion


3. Getting to Sleep

Sleeping when you’re feeling congested can be tough. If you’re made to breathe through your mouth when you normally breathe through your nose, it can dry your mouth out and make it difficult to sleep. One tip to follow is to raise your head when you’re sleeping, which can help mucus to drain. Add an extra pillow or try to sit up slightly in bed to put your head above your chest. Another way to help yourself get some sleep is to use a eucalyptus oil or a similar product like menthol. These strong-smelling remedies help to clear your nose. You can put an oil straight on your pillow, or you can put it on a tissue or handkerchief.

You can also use eucalyptus oil during the day by adding a few drops to hot water and breathing in the steam. A humidifier in your bedroom is another natural decongestant for your nose.


4. Using Saline Sprays and Nasal Strips

Saline sprays are a great blocked nose remedy, and they don’t contain any medication. A simple saline solution is just water and salt, making them safe to use even during pregnancy. They can help to reduce inflammation and stuffiness so that you feel a bit better, and you can use them during the day. Another product you might want to try is nasal strips, which offer a further option for blocked nose treatment. You can use them at night or perhaps when sitting at home during the day. They are intended to open your nasal passages to help you breathe easier.

Congestion doesn’t have to rule your life. If you or someone in your family is struggling with blocked sinuses, a few natural home remedies for sinus congestion can help you to feel better.

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